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You’ve asked for it for months, and we’ve said we can’t talk about future shows. But now we CAN, because we’re getting Attack on Titan!

Toonami will premiere Season1 starting Saturday May 3rd at 11:30p. Repeat Episodes of Space Dandy will move to 12:30a.

Full Line up below.

Get Ready for the Attack!

11:30 – Attack on Titan

12:00 – Bleach

12:30 – Space Dandy

1:00 – Naruto: Shippuden

1:30 – One Piece

2:00 – Blue Exorcist

2:30 – Black Lagoon

3:00 – GITS

3:30 – Naruto

4:00 – FMAB

4:30 – Samurai Jack

5:00 – SWCW

5:30 - Sym–bionic Titan

ARTWORK BY NURI: tumblr handle: banafria

(Source: not-today-hoe)

…I want first of all - in fact, as an end to these other desires - to be at peace with myself. I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central cor to my life that will enable me to carry out these obligations and activities as well as I can. I want, in fact - to borrow from the language of the saints -to live ‘in grace’ as much of the time as possible. I am not using this term in a strictly theological sense. By grace I mean an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be translated into outward harmony…
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (via observando)

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1. Grant Bowtie - Reach
2. Aero Chord - Surface
3. Pegboard Nerds - Hero (feat. Elizaveta)
4. Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind
5. Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
6. Stonebank - Eagle Eyes (feat. Emel)
7. Trivecta - One Night Only (feat. Yohamna Solange)
8. Rootkit - Too Late
9. Noisestorm - Surge
10. Direct - Wanna Know You (feat. Holly Drummond)
11. Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture
12. Haywyre - The Schism
13. SCNDL - The Munsta
14. Favright - Taking Over (feat. Cassandra Kay)
15. Astronaut - Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)
16. Case & Point - All On Me (feat. Gamble & Burke)
17. Stephen Walking - Excellent Choice
18. Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes
19. Eminence - Halo
20. Soulero - Seconds Away
21. Rootkit - Do It
22. DotEXE - Inside Out
23. Droptek - The Covenant
24. Fractal - Itvara
25. Bustre - Don’t Forget (feat. LaMeduza)
26. Feint - Phosphor (feat. Miyoki)
27. Tut Tut Child - Drink Up
28. Varien & SirensCeol - Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele)
29. Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser - Open Hour
30. Mr FijiWiji - Out on a Limb (feat. Jonny Rose)
31. Abyss Album Mix
32. Zenith Album Mix

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